Pulp Alley Dark Truths

This is part of chapter 2 in the ‘Tomb of the Serpent’ campaign.  I trotted out the same league as in my last report and played solo against the depicable cultists.  This scenario is set in a warehouse so I used some old GW floorplans from Dungeon Bowl and set up crates and such as perilous areas and plot points (the 3 smaller models).  The blacked off areas of the board are impenetrable stacks of filled sacks.  There is no penalty to open doors beyond being the only way to get into certain rooms.

The cultist ensemble can be seen at the bottom of the image.  One horrfiying resurrected priest, 3 middling cultists and 3 sets of gang members.  The 5 strong gangs are close to useless for fighting or solving plot points.  In a heavily built up locale such as this they were incredibly useful in spreading out and making it hard for the good guys to get to the plot points.  The scenario was played in dim light so sight was limited to 12″.  I also forgot that failing to solve a plot point does not cause a health check.  This failure saw several weaker cultist members seemingly wander off when they failed their test.  It was dark, possibly dangerous, they probably sneaked off home for an early night. In the image the 2 characters on the board are plot points as well as the 2 piles of ‘stuff’ in the orange and blue rooms and finally the pile of crates closest to the bottom edge with a green marker on it.


The key to this scenario is that there are 5 plot points but one is a trap and another is a red herring that vanishes when solved.  When a plot point is solved a reward card is drawn and the game begins with a stack of 7 reward cards.  This does not include an additional reward card that will become the artifact that both sides are looking for.  When the first plot point is solved and its reward issued the major reward card is then shuffled in.  So we know that the first plot point solved will not be the artifact.  There is also a chance that the artifact will not show up at all in this game.  No hostile action is allowed for the first 3 turns of the (6 turn) game, this will not prevent running around and trying to solve plot points.  In this playthrough a card forbade any combat on turn 4 as well so there was very little fighting throughout the whole game.

With only 4 figures compared to 8 cultist units our heroes were on the back foot when covering ground.  The situation became worse when our trusty native guide (Mazumbo) tripped and hurt himself on turn 1 leaving just 3 characters to solve 5 plot points.


Two cultists and Charles Horton, our leader, attempt to attract the attention of the warehouse guard.  Another clue might be found in amongst the chests in the blue room behind.


Classic blocking tactics by a cultist mob enable the robed cultist to move up on the chests unopposed and inspect them.  He fluffs it and in a case of getting the rules wrong sneaks off home.  In a solitaire game both sides are facing the same incorrect penalties so this should not affect the overall result.


Our hero gets some useful information from the guard but not enough to track down the artifact yet.  The cultists check out the room behind but later found this to be a red herring.


Captain John interviews another warehouse official but neither does he know where the artifact is.  I have had NPC plot points being dragged along by their new owner when they are solved.  Willingly in the case of the good guys and literally with anyone else.


Mary Williams attempts to inspect the crates are foiled by the impolite crowds who always seem to be blocking her way.


The crates in the yellow room might be useful.  There is a race to get there.  The cultist priest gets in first, he shoots, he scores, its all over.


Unaware of this our hero makes a bee line to the final artifact.  We have already opened some cases in the stack (1 out of 2 successes passed) but we hear police whistles outside (end of turn 6) and have to get out of here before they show up.  We learn that the cultists have got away with something and that we are empty handed.




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