Bolt Action Soviet Modelling

Soviets are my go to army although I can also trot out British, German and Japanese.  I do not classify myself as a modeller but with the aid of my trusty Dremel I have turned out a few simple conversions that any idiot should be capable of.

Assault troops

Warlord sell these in a pack of 8 but there is a problem.  Only 5 are the basic trooper with SMG and body armour that you really want.  1 has an SMG but is also carrying 2 panzerfausts, a combination that is not obviously available with body armour in Bolt Action.  Another is a flamethower guy and the last has a LMG.  There is some validity in burying the flamethrower in an assault squad.  The +1 to kill for body armour and bunch of redshirt buddies around should keep him alive against casual fire long enough to get close enough to ‘flame on’ unless a sniper takes him out.  Unfortunately body armour limits movement to 6″ so it could take a long time to get close even by placing the whole unit in a truck then jumping out after a turn or so.  The LMG is less useful as it is a weapon designed for long range use and if used as such the 12″ range SMGs of the rest of the unit are wasted.  Both the LMG and flamethrower require a dedicated loader so the squad as sold would be of 8 (or 7 depending on your view of the panzerfaust) of which 4 are special weapons and their loaders, one kitted out for long range and the other for short. The simple fix is to use some ‘green stuff’ and model up new body armour bibs for some plastic models.  The Warlord plastics come in ‘regular’ tops and trousers but the assault models have 1 piece combat outfits but this is a price that will have to be paid.  Here the Warlord panerfaust guy is flanked by 2 plastic buddies.



This could not get much easier, buy ‘Sarge’ model from ‘Cars’, paint out white star, add red star.  I have bought 3 of these models for various deployments and found that the best way to get them apart is to drill out the 2 rivets under the model.  I also found that in typical Chinese fashion not all models are equal.  One had a separate canopy and enough inside detail to fashion seats for crew.  Another had a separate top to the canopy but its canopy sides were the same solid metal as the jeep sides making a topless conversion off the agenda.  The bottom view below shows the drilled out rivets.


White Scout Car

This comes with American crew, all seated.  I used the American driver and gave him a Soviet head then added some Soviet plastic gunners.  The provided guns are modelled to be on a track like a curtain runner allowing all the guns to be trained almost anywhere.  Some bodging and bending of the mounts was needed to match up the guns to their new crew and still keep the guns on the tracks.  The White Scout car provides 2 MMG and 1 HMG so will pump out some useful dice and might even pin light or inexperienced armour.  I plan to combine it with a Soviet Lee for a Lend Lease unit operating at the time of Kursk.  My limited research shows that both were in use at this time and that ideally a Lend Lease equipment issue would be kept within the same formation.



M17 AA

This comes with a Russian head so you are good to go but it also comes with the metal parts from the regular M15.  That means 2 30-cal and a 50-cal machine gun surplus to requirements.  The 50-cal has been based here on a tripod cut from bits of metal.  It is a bit rough and ready so the basing has been used to hide some of the faults.  This is a 4 crew model in Bolt Action.  Loose infantry models will make up the rest of the crew.  This unit would work well with the Lend Lease White and Lee but infantry teams are vulnerable to a single sniper shot taking out the whole base so in practice this model may not see much action.


Gaz Quad Maxim

This is my must have Soviet unit because it is cheap and throws out 20 MMG shots.  It does however take up a tank slot and is vulnerable to just about any incoming fire.  It is usually best to keep it at long range and if possible behind some sort of cover.  Even needing 6s to hit probability predicts 3 hits and 1 of those should take out a veteran infantryman.

Possibly the easiest solution is to buy the Company B gunner and place it in a Lledo truck.  It all depends on getting hold of the gunner model.  Alternately an entire quad maxim can be built up if you can source enough barrels.  This model is using barrel parts from Ironclad  Miniatures who use them with their steam tanks.  They only sell the barrels though, the stock and ammo supply needs to be scratch-built.  The truck to the rear has had an additional 2 wheels added to make the GAZ AAA variant.




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