Saga Rus vs Last Romans

A 6 point Pagan Rus versus Last Romans game at the club using the 2nd formal scenario in the Book of Battles, ‘Claiming Territory’.  To summarise the game there are 4 objectives, 2 at each of end the table.  Points can be scored by either side but only for 1 objective each turn.  This could always be for the same objective.  Those in the player’s own half only score half points.  Otherwise the point total is based on the size and quality of the troops holding it.  A model has to be within ‘VS’ to control an objective or ‘S’ to contest.


The Last Romans took 3 points of mounted Hearthguard and 3 of Warriors (half bow armed) but no Levy.  The Rus trotted out 2 points of Hearthguard, 3 Warriors and 1 Levy point.  The Rus made almost constant use of their ‘The Long Winter’ ability.  This runs on a single uncommon die face and prevents any shooting or charging by units that start their activation more than ‘M’ from their target.  The Rus had no cavalry or bows so were not affected.  The Last Romans were then unable to charge their horse in with a single activation from ‘L’ but needed to stick close to the Rus or burn several activations to move to within ‘M’ then charge or shoot (the latter being free for the composite bows).

Rus2The initial Last Roman tactic was to charge in on the Rus Levy, load up the dice abilities and wipe it out.  The Rus would have lost a Saga die and 2 neighbouring units would take a fatigue.  Close but no cigar, 1 Levy model survives and 2 Hearthguard pay the price.  The Last Romans should have pulled their Hearthguard back ‘L’ at that point.


There is the usual Saga to and fro seeing the Hearthguard take more losses.  The Last Roman big infantry unit comes up attempting to pull in plenty of points for controlling the objective.  Softly, softly the Rus Warriors at top plod towards the objective beyond the woods.


Just to the bottom of the image below the 2nd  6-model Last Roman Hearthguard unit takes out 8 Rus Warriors but only 1 Hearthguard model remains.


The Rus Hearthguard are rushed across to sort out the Last Roman assault in the centre.  12 Last Roman Warriors gone but at a cost of 6 Rus Hearthguard.


The Last Romans control the objective they first went for but with so few troops that there are more points to be gained from their own objective in the centre of the image below.


Meanwhile 8 Rus Warriors have pushed 6 Last Roman archers off the objective by the woods.  The Rus are steadily pulling in more victory points than the Last Romans and there is no hope of their catching up.  A 6 turn game but with the result clear by turn 5.  Looking at it from a traditional ‘wipe them out’ Saga viewpoint the Last Romans would have been on top as the Rus Hearthguard all took an early bath.

The Last Romans made good use of the 8 extra battle dice from ‘Strategos’.  A better load out would be to bring a unit of missile armed Levy and drop a Hearthguard point. This is a scenario that rewards big units.  After a few losses the Hearthguard units were not large enough to create significant objective control points.  ‘Massed Volley’ and ‘Disordering Volley’ aid missile Levy in shooting and defense.   ‘Outflank’ allows a Levy to be moved (albeit outside ‘M’) on the common die face not used to activate them for regular activations.

In retrospect this is a balanced scenario unlike ‘Prized Possessions’ although certain combinations of options would probably throw it out of line.  Careful choice of faction and load outs would give a decisive advantage.  The best play options being either to choose a scenario from the book and then devise a force to make best use of it or settle the troop choice then play 2 or more scenarios with the players either alternating scenario choice or rolling randomly and hoping for the best.