Saga: Eastern Princes vs Mongols

6 points of Eastern Princes against Mongols at the club (hints of a 40K game in the background).  Desecration from the Book of Battles.  Victory is by massacre points but each side has 3 objectives.  The maximum number of massacre points that can be claimed is capped by the number of remaining enemy objectives.  We made 1 mistake treating objectives as markers that could be moved through but they should be impassable terrain.

The set up from the Mongol view.  The Eastern Princes having maxed out the terrain placement to discombobble the Mongol horse.

The Eastern Princes have 1st turn and advance cautiously.  The crossbow levy shoot at 1 Mongol objective, hit but it passes its save.  Mongol objectives have barrels on their bases, Eastern Princes’ do not.

The Mongols are off and are all over the shop.  The camel drummer’s free activation ability getting used now and on every turn.   Mongols shoot when able but casualties are minimal.  The Eastern Princes fortified wagon is already out of the fight going down to the Mongol hearthguard.  The Mongols have scorched the forest to the top of the board so it no longer provides cover.

The Eastern Princes grind through a unit of Mongol warriors.

The Mongol hearthguard bounce off the levy crossbows as ‘brothers in arms’ gives a massive defense bonus when they outnumber the enemy.

The Mongols have flattened the other wood and the Eastern Princes within are slowly taking casualties.

The Eastern Princes slice through the last of the Mongols in front of them and the warlord tries to destroy the objective.

The Mongols sort out the crossbow levy by first charging  with their warlord (who is repulsed) then finishing them with their hearthguard.

The Eastern Princess finish off the Mongol hearthguard while their warlord finally manages to destroy the objective.

Due to some luck shooting a combat bonus dice buff the Mongols also manage to destroy an objective.

The Eastern Princes warrior unit at the top of the field destroys a Mongol warrior unit that had come within short.  Sustained bow fire by the Mongols finally removes the other warrior unit.

The game ran for 5 turns and was a draw.  Both sides had destroyed 1 enemy objective and massacre points were equal.  If the game had run to turn 6 the Eastern Princes could have caught the Mongol warlord and possibly removed him.  They were however down to 3 Saga dice so that outcome could easily have gone horribly wrong.

In conclusion a solid scenario although the massacre point caps for destroying enemy objectives did seem generous.  With 2 intact enemy markers both sides were running out of enemy to destroy and hence a source of more massacre points.

The Mongol war drummer is a major bonus.  The free activation was heavily used to rest units meaning they did not need to worry too much about burning fatigue each turn.  On the other hand the Eastern Princes wagon is hard to justify.  It has slightly better defense than levy but is unarmed so fights less well.  It can slew off 2 losses as a fatigue but as it accumulates fatigue it becomes less robust.  A unit of 12 levy on the other hand can hold on for several combats until all 12 are removed.