Muskets and Tomahawks 2 – Raid and Protection

A 350 point game of Muskets and Tomahawks.  The British have 3 units of 8 regulars, 1 of 6 rangers and 1 officer.  The French have 2 units of 8 regulars, 2 of 6 milice, a 4 and 6 person civilian unit and 3 officers.  The British must set fire to 3 buildings including making 1 collapse by red clock card 4.   The French must keep the British away from the 3 buildings by red clock card 3 or 4.  The French could win on turn 3.  Presumably if a building is one fire it is not being protected.  The thatched building does not count for burning or protecting.

This is the set up with deployment points and civilians.  The civilians are inside the building but the roofs do not come off.  The trees represent an area of light cover.  The area by the boats inside the walkway is marsh.  A river runs juts off the West table edge.

The French deploy first then the British.  It appears that all the French have to do is hang about and they will win.  The British need to be aggressive. A previous play of the same scenario saw both sides blaze away with predictable effect but time spent shooting was time wasted that should have been spent on setting fires.

This game could be started in twilight but that would slow movement so the British start in full light.  2 of the British regular units are in line to maximise their movement along the roads.

At the top of the table a unit of marines dukes it out with the rangers.  The rangers are eventually run off but not before they set light to the top building which slowly erupts into a full blaze.

At the bottom of the field a unit of marines attempts to hold off the British.  They take casualties from British fire and despite being veterans bravely run away.  This leaves the milice to hold off the regulars, the civilians are not going to be much help.

One unit of milice charges in but with a unit of regulars on either side they don’t last long.

With only 1 building left to set fire to the British charge in and rout the civilians holding it.  They wisely leave the building and then set fire to it.

There is nothing the French can do to prevent a British victory.  2 buildings have collapsed and the third will be on fire next time the British regulars are activated.

Some thoughts on the system.  From a mathematical point of view the movement from D6 to D10 offers more detail in the effects of rolls but allows a slight chance of the unexpected happening, the veteran marines taking to their heels being a possible game changer.  The deck of cards depends on the troops fielded and is shuffled when the 3rd clock card is drawn.  This means that some cards will never be drawn between shuffling.  A force that wanted the game to last as long as possible might field more troop types, increasing the deck size and decreasing the chance of the clock cards being drawn.  In this scenario the British might want a longer game and the French a shorter game.  So it would be best to work out forces before deciding on the scenario.

In gameplay the movement trays (which  are not in any way required) make handling the figures relatively easy but cause some problems when turning or moving through narrow spaces.  The scenario was based on movement.  It could be won by driving off all the opposing units then moving into place but that depends on some luck and for the British is not a good use of their time.  The terrain was relatively dense, as it ought to be but led to units chasing each other round and moving into position ever so slowly.  As activation depends on drawing the correct cards some units stood about at crazy short range doing nothing. The base move is 4″ although some troops can eak out an extra inch or 2 so although units can be pretty close on the table getting them into combat or setting up a clear field of fire can take more than 1 activation.  The best use of the command points seems to be to activate a single unit and get it to do some good.  A unit can be set on overwatch for 1 command point but that is to allow it to shoot at an acting enemy, not to charge. 

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