Congo Campaign: Finale

The 5th game of the campaign sees both columns at opposite corners of the table with a ridge of high blocking terrain between them. The expedition leaders have to get to their opposing corners. There are also 4 campaign discoveries and 2 dangers to be found amongst the upland spine.

With no shooting over the high ground both sides use their first turn to move as far as possible with as much as possible.

Lady Mary is on the central highlands with her askari, as is a group of her sailors. She is trading shots with Ujuwa’s bundukai but is having difficulty moving forwards.

Ujuwa and a group of bowmen are over the hills and off. Lady Mary has revealed 3 of the hidden discoveries but only 1 turns out to be useful. The remaining 3 are all true discoveries and are easily mopped up by Ujuwa’s groups.

Coordinated shooting from 3 groups of Ujuwa’s warriors sees Lady Mary and her group of askari wiped out.

The focus moves to blocking Ujuwa from moving off table. There is a lot of back and forth but in the end he makes it accompanied by 1 surviving bowman.

At the game end we see where Ujuwa got away (11 o’ clock on the image below).

Onto the final game; both sides are clustered around the central idol. Ujuwa has too many models to fit in the deployment area so a group of archers are off board. Each side has to grab items from within the wooded areas and get them off the board at the opposite edge to where they deploy. This all complicated by 3 of the items being for Lady Mary and 3 for Ujuwa but all the items begin the game hidden. There are also additional discoveries amongst the bushes but a group carrying those can only move ‘short’.

Both sides are trying to move in opposite directions and also trying to stop their opponent from moving at all. There is additionally a degree of splitting up to find which items belong to whom.

Opposing groups rush past each other. Ujuwa’s archers (just off the left edge below) have an item that Lady Mary needs. She sets off with her best groups (sailors and adventurers). Ujuwa heads in the other direction.

A group of Ujuwa’s young warriors approaches their exit point. They are slowed by Lady Mary’s own young warriors. The latter have picked up a missionary that was found hiding amongst the trees (white suit, pith helmet).

Ujuwa’s scouts and pygmies are whittled down by rifle fire but they do shield the archers in the woods.

The sailors try to take on the archers in close combat but whiff it and are pushed back. In better news the adventurers get off board. At the other side of the table Ujuwa’s young warriors are also off map.

Largely due to losses inflicted Lady Mary pulls off a win. That is 3 wins each for anyone who is counting. The scenario rules as written imply a big victory points boost if Mary or Ujuwa themselves leave the board with an item required for their side. This is quite hard to do although Mary did come close with her assault on Ujuwa’s archers.

The final part of the campaign is adding up the accomplishment points earned by various bonus actions in the scenarios. These are combined with additional points from a dice race as Lady Mary and Ujuwa work around a track. The track movement is also affected by some of the previous scenario effects. Careful reading of all these effects would impact on how both sides treated the scenarios and the resulting game play. The campaign does work reasonably well by just going for it and seeing how the scores end up at the finish.

Adding it all up: Final score Ujuwa 37, Mary 28.